Hindi Songs

Mone Pore Ruby Ray

It’s hard to estimate the effect that the internet in general and YouTube, in particular, have had on my music listening experience.  I had never heard this song in India while growing up. I listened primarily to Vividh Bharathi and Radio Ceylon and they played Hindi songs. I chanced across this song on YouTube when I came across a clip of Arjit Singh singing this song as well as the Hindi version.  I am well acquainted with the Hindi version “Meri bheegi bhieegi si” sung by Kishore Kumar for the movie “Anamika” (Nameless).  The original version was composed and sung by RD Burman and released as his first Bengali solo in 1969.  His friend Sachin Bhowmick a screenplay writer was wooing a lady called Chhobi Ray.  His affections were not returned but RD badgered him to write verse and thus was born “Mone pore Ruby Ray”.  RD reused the melody in 1973 for the now-famous “Meri bheegi bheegi si”.  As my friend Navdeep said, the mystery of “Anamika” has been solved, her name is “Ruby Ray!”

The featured image is from the book “R.D. Burman The Man, The Music” by Anirudha Bhattacharjee & Balaji Vittal